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In late May of 2011, women passionate about the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and its missions of patriotism, education and historic preservation gathered to share information, interests and thoughts about forming a new chapter here in the Colorado Springs area. In a city of over 410,000 people, and a greater metropolitan area population of more than 640,000, many present believed that there was and is a great opportunity to extend the reach of the DAR in service to this area, our state, and nation.

When approached with the idea of a new chapter, then-Colorado State Regent Charlotte Hubbs heartily agreed. She recommended that a new DAR chapter be approved by the National Board of Management at its meetings in Washington, DC around the time of the Society’s annual Continental Congress. The approval to form a new chapter, and for Mary Warren Daley to serve as organizing regent, was given at the National Board of Management held in early July 2011.

Once approval was received, the new chapter’s women went to work. They advertised two prospective member workshops via public service announcements on the radio, flyers posted at local businesses, and in an online Events Calendar on the local daily newspaper’s website. The workshops were held at two branches of the local library in late July and mid-August. The success of the workshops was due in no small measure to the genealogical research prowess of DAR sisters from around the state, and the welcoming and friendly interactions with women of the organizing chapter.

Members have expressed their interests in areas of service, volunteering their expertise in everything from finance to picnic set-up to genealogical research. In mid-August 2011, three members attended a two-day Volunteer Field Genealogist training seminar taught by NSDAR staff genealogists in Kansas City, Missouri. Our first annual chapter picnic was held in late August at a picnic pavilion area on the U.S. Air Force Academy. DAR members, their families and prospective members had a wonderful, fun and relaxing time getting to know each other better and even playing volleyball, horseshoes and tetherball!

Planning, paperwork and coordination have continued via the enthusiastic efforts of chapter members. The chapter’s organizing luncheon was held on September 17, 2011 at Phantom Canyon Restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs. The site provided a wonderful view of Cheyenne Mountain, located just a few miles southwest of downtown. Many officers of the Colorado State Society attended to help celebrate the establishment of the Cheyenne Mountain DAR Chapter. Joining them were several state chairmen, regents of three other Colorado DAR chapters and a southwest division chairman. Several friends, husbands and parents of organizing members were also in attendance to support their favorite DAR daughters.

With twenty-seven (27) organizing members, the chapter gained final approval as Colorado’s newest DAR chapter at the October 8, 2011 National Board of Management. Cheyenne Mountain Chapter, NSDAR held its first regular meeting on October 22, 2011. With the proverbial “eyes on the future” and passion in their hearts, the members are moving forward in DAR service and friendship to make a positive impact in the region.
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Last Updated: 3 November 2015
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